Artisans in the Gardens Exhibition

When: 10am – 4pm, 29 October – 6 November 2022
Where: Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Website: Read more on the Botanic Gardens Website
Free entry with all items for sale.

Al Phemister, Arenaria, Asahi So, Barbara Romalis and Elisabeth Cummings, Ben Gibson, Casa Adams Fine Wares, Charlotte Thodey, Christopher Hodges, Denese Oates, Fiona Blake, Foliage and Flowers, Imagine Design and Fabrication, Isabella Edwards, Jackie Lallemand, Jane Thompson, Jen Mallinson, Jo Victoria Mud, Jules van de Sande, Julianne Smallwood, Kayo Yokoyama, Lisa Giles, Mandy Francis, Marguerite Derricourt, Maria Fernando Cardosa, Michael Ferris, Michael Hofmeyer, Michelle Arnott, Mirjana Dobson, Nicholas Witte, Niharika Hukku, Odette Ireland, Pamela Pauline, Pressed and Poured, QuaintMarie, Sally Kent, Sarah Norton, Serena Owen, Sharon Peoples, Sharon Weller, Shellie Christian, Shimara Carlow, Sophie Emmett, The Forest Adorned, Wildcard Sue

Celebrating 21 years, Artisans in the Gardens is bringing a spectacular exhibition of over 3,000 artworks to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney this Spring.

This diverse and unique exhibition includes a selection of the most popular artists from the last 21 years along with some fresh, new pieces for a brilliant display. Coming to Lion Gate Lodge in October/November 2022 this celebration of creativity will expand through the garden with the addition of a sculpture walk.

In 2000 the exhibition launched with just four exhibitors in one small room, and over the past 21 years has evolved into a sophisticated showcase. The nine-day 2022 event features over 3,000 works by over 40 artists including a wide range of mediums such as sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, embroidery, weaving, textiles and more.

Jules’ Works In This Exhibition